Life Coach for moms

Hey Mama!


There is so much more to you than you realize. You’re more than just a Mom.   You spend your days living in your head and you wonder whether anything will get better? You’re doing God’s will, so shouldn’t you be happy?

That was me. Just another Catholic Mom trying to do the right thing for her family.

The truth is, I didn’t like me as a Mom. I lived in fear and frustration trying to fit in a box that God never intended for me to be in. In a few, short years, my anger and resentment became a part of me. People could see that. They couldn’t see that I was lonely. Heartbroken. And praying for a miracle.

I found my miracle: HEALING.

I believe healing begins when you choose to see and love yourself the way God does.

That’s why I am here— to help Catholic Moms like you reclaim the peace and joy you lost to the overwhelming needs of your family. You’ll uncover what it means to be loved by God so you can love your life as a Mom.

I can help you take  courageous steps to be the woman and saint you’ve always wanted to be.

I can’t wait to walk alongside you on your journey!

“Blessed are they who mourn,

for they shall be comforted.”

[Matthew 5:4]

What I do



Do you wonder whether you are enough for your family? Do you struggle with negative thoughts that leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and angry? You don’t know how to ask for help or who to talk to. You don’t understand why you feel the way you feel. 

I designed Restore Motherhood Peace by Peace © to help you master your emotions using a simple 5-step process. 

You’ll learn how to recognize and express your emotions so you can separate your emotions from your identity. You’ll be able to communicate your needs to your spouse. You’ll stop the drama around asking for help by setting those boundaries you’ve always wanted. 

I can help you.


You’re a Catholic Mama but you can’t seem to figure out how you can be a Mom and love your life.

You feel overwhelmed, discouraged and exhausted and you connect it to your self worth.

You doubt you’re doing a good enough job.

Mama, what if you already have everything you need to be confident and happy?

It’s time to let go of the emotional weight you’ve been carrying alone.

I can show you how to untangle your thoughts so you can begin healing. You’ll feel empowered to take small, courageous steps toward living the life you’ve always wanted.


What are my clients saying?

“Tina sees what skills are needed but more importantly can devise a plan which helps you feel that you can reach your goal. She helps you overcome frustration and other barriers… I value her opinion and experience.”

Mary B.

“I don’t like change.”

“I don’t like change.”

“I don’t like change.”   When I was young, I remember confidently sharing with friends, “I don’t like change.” It was a fact and my life revolved around it.. If something happened I didn’t like, I allowed my thoughts to rationalize the outcome.  Looking back, it’s no...

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Stop Waiting for God to take Action

Stop Waiting for God to take Action

Do you avoid making decisions because you aren’t sure if that’s what God wants you to do? You want to do the right thing. The right way. You have a plan and you need God’s permission to move forward. Are you afraid of making decisions becasue of what others will...

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