About Me

Hey! I’m Tina


I married my high-school sweetheart and had 4 beautiful babies in a span of nine years. Before my family started, I was an elementary teacher and specialized in challenging gifted and talented students to reach their full potential.

Becoming a Mom opened the doors to many struggles including depression and anxiety. After years of hidden pain, I finally chose to take small, courageous steps to change my mindset — to have peace and joy no matter what struggles came my way. Guess what? It worked. My life has changed in the most beautiful and humbling way. That is why I created Mama’s Ark —to help Catholic Moms like you RECLAIM peace, DISCOVER your God-given identity, and TAKE small, courageous steps to live the life you have always wanted.

These are a few of my Favorite Things

a little more about me 

Quoting All THE movies and videos

Disney & 90’s movies, the Grinch, Kid Snippets and MST3K to name a few. I love a good laugh and I will always be OK staying in to watch a movie. 


… with extra ice! When I was in Canada in 2012, I asked a barista to surprise me. And I have never looked back. 8 years of JOY.


I am a helper! I love to help and I need to be intentional about setting boundaries. The message I need to hear from God is that He loves me.

Who I am

When I’m not working, I am

drinking my extra iced coffee — always. I spend most of my time hanging out with my family at home. We love BBQ’s in the backyard, beach days at the Shores, and sunshine. We sing together in the car and at home with the speaker turned up!  Laughter is what gets us through most days at home. I enjoy strength workouts and looking through old pictures. God truly blessed me with an incredible family and I am forever grateful for His Love and Mercy.