Distant learning? Homeschool? What will you do this coming Fall to prepare for your kids to go back to school? 

Kids thrive in stable environments. COVID-19 is anything but that, but you can create some stability in your home for distant learning.


Here are 3 Simple Strategies you can try:

  1. Start your day early and keep a simple morning routine. Look, waking up is the worst. You know what’s harder? Rushing. Get your kids up, get dressed and drink your coffee. Just get the day going. Whatever works for you, make it a routine. It will help your kids know what to expect in a time where things are all over the place.

2. Wear designated school clothes or uniforms. Wearing separate clothes for school will help you and your kids split the day. Again, this comes back to stability. It’s one less thing your kids will have to question. I wore a uniform for 13 years and I fully embraced wearing a uniform. It made mornings simple and less stressful. 

3. Incorporate reading and writing workshops in your day. These workshops include 10-minute mini-lessons to teach a skill. You discuss as a group and then the kids go off to do their independent work. There is SO much more on this subject, so I will save it for another post.

Whatever you choose to do, I pray you have peace and comfort during the next few months as we navigate schools reopening. 


Love + Prayers,