Emotions are hard enough on their own. Add thoughts to the equation and you’re up for hours crying. I know you’ve been there.  For whatever reason, your mind continues going down this rabbit hole of negative and defeating thoughts. You can’t seem to shut it down. What can you do?

When you feel angry or upset, the lower part of your brain, or amygdala is activated. This part of the brain controls the fight or flight function. You cannot think or reason well during these times. [This is not to be used as a reason to behave how you want when you’re emotional] Knowledge is power. If you know you can’t think well during these emotional times, then the very thoughts that discourage you should be put to rest. 




  1. Your thoughts create your emotions. If you struggle everyday with the same annoying and discouraging emotions, take a step back. What thoughts are you allowing to be in your mind for long periods of time? Reflect and change those thoughts. Fake it ‘til you make it and watch your emotions simmer down. 

2. Just because you think it, doesn’t mean you’re right. Look, you may be sad because your husband is quiet, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Can you relate? Has there been a time where your husband was quiet. You asked him what he was thinking. What did he say? “Nothing.” Did you believe him?  Hmmmm… If you didn’t, why not? Why do you allow your thoughts to play the picture in your head that he doesn’t love you. Just because you had a thought, it doesn’t mean it’s true. You can choose to give power or release the thoughts that come into your mind.

3. Emotional thoughts often lead to discouragement [the devil’s favorite go-to.] The devil wants you to be discouraged. He does his best work when you are functioning from your fight and flight response. It takes discipline to control your actions despite how you feel. The enemy attacks Mamas intentionally and it all begins with your mind. If he can make you believe your husband doesn’t love you, can you imagine what could happen next? What other traps will he lead you to?

Be diligent and disciplined in your mind. Pray for the wisdom to see the traps the devil set. You got this, Mama.


Love + Prayers,