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Mama, are you overwhelmed? Do you find yourself snapping at your kids and husband because of unmet needs, tantrums and overall exhaustion. Do you ever wonder what’s missing from your life so you can enjoy being a Mom again?

What if I told you that who you are right now is enough to reclaim peace and joy in your life? Because you do. You just don’t know where to look.

God has given you a purpose, Mama. The truth is, your life isn’t meant to be lived in fear, anger or resentment. It’s easy to slip into the worst version of yourself. I can help you recognize what’s blocking you from enjoying this season of life.

Being a Mama is a blessing. And it’s hard. It can be both. You can have hard days and manage your thoughts too. I can help you.

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Restore Motherhood Peace by Peace


In this course, I will help you master your emotions using the P.E.A.C.E. Model so you can:

– Process yours emotions by naming them and writing it down

– Communicate your emotions with your husband + share your deepest fears

– Encounter God through your emotions

I can help Moms like you.

 Client Testimonials

what moms had to say about this course

“Since starting my journey on the road of motherhood, I’ve always known that I could reach out to Tina with questions or really anything…

To know that I’m not alone in this journey is huge.” 


“Mama’s Ark is an invaluable resource and support network for moms! The content and stories shared have helped me so much with my own struggles of motherhood and my relationship with God.”


“Tina uses her real life struggles and experiences to connect with women of all different walks of life. Her willingness to be transparent and vulnerable provides women courage to step into their light. “